Inspiration: Jess of Haute Hope

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We recently had our dear friend Jess of Haute Hope teach us about how she stays inspired and motivated! This is the first of many interviews in which we hope to bring you words of encouragement and empowerment.


Jess Puccinelli


None, I'm an army brat who has lived all around the US and Central America!

Tell Us about Haute Hope and how you came up with such a unique idea!

Haute Hope is a socially conscious gifting studio based out of Los Angeles, California. I have the pleasure of designing gift boxes featuring products that give back to a good cause, or positively impact the world. Essentially, through our online store, I make it easy for individuals and companies alike to give good! The idea came about during a conversations with a friend about what to get a mutual friend for her birthday. We began talking about The Giving Keys, a company that takes reused keys, engraves an inspirational word on them, turns them into necklaces, and then suggests that you to pass the necklace on to someone deserving when you no longer need the word. In addition, they support people transitioning out of homelessness. I'd never seen a company do giving back with cool factor and immediately said to my friend.."I wish there was a place where I could go and someone had curated all of these really beautiful/cool products that give back - but boxed them up and I could just pick a box and send them to whomever." She replied, "When are you going to start?" And here I am almost two years later! 

What’s your favorite part of your job:

Hearing the passion, drive and fight companies have for their causes. Almost everyday I get to talk with someone inspiring! 

What are some of your guiding values and principles:

I believe deeply in being a giver and not a taker. This means living a life of generosity without an attachment to the outcome. I'm a huge advocate for paving your own way and not leaning on the success or hard work of others, but rather digging in and putting your hands to the plow. Treat everyone, regardless of what they can or can't do for you, or who they may or may not be with kindness and respect. Lastly, do not settle - we can always change our stories.

How do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of owning your own business:

Oh goodness - what a roller coaster it isPrayer, journaling, boxing and laughter. Sounds cheesy but it's true - I also know and believe that things will always work out. Also, knowing that I can only control what I can control is a huge help. 

Where do you see Haute Hope going in the future:

In my wildest dreams we have a studio where 5 women transitioning out of rough situations (trafficking, homelessness, etc) are assembling our gift boxes and being provided mentorship/advocacy. In addition, we have a small team of talented professionals to run all the fun stuff, digital, logistics, events. Oh! I'd love for us to be in a space where we can host events and bring like minded folks together. 

How do you unwind and relax at the end of the day:

Having dinner with my husband, laughing a lot, and getting a few pins on Pinterest in over my favorite cup of  Chamomile Tea by Teamotions. 

Favorite books, movies and music right now:

Book: Rapt by Winifred Gallagher

Movie: Any documentary on the food industry.

Music: Anything, and I mean anything Emily King. 

Any last words?: 

Thank you for all you do and for being such a source of inspiration. You and your company are doing incredible things!!